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This is not about us…it’s about you, the customer. We are here to provide you the products and service that will make you successful. With your success comes our success.

“I have been purchasing sheet metal parts from Cytek for well over a decade. I was able to introduce my new employer to the programs Cytek has to offer. Our new partnership with Cytek has given us not only the advantage of better pricing but a just-in-time program which has improved our manufacture process and inventory control”.

Terri G. - Customer
Electronics Industry

“Cytek has always been a proven reliable company. We have counted on them over the last 16 years for all of our Sheet metal / Stainless Fabrication needs . Always on time, always on budget”!

Brian C. – Customer Construction Industry

“The healthcare building industry requires quality and performance. Since our first component was made 10 years ago…Cytek has never let us down”.

Kerry E. – Customer Healthcare Industry

The metal components we fabricate are used in a variety of products. Below are examples of our customers finished products.

images/cytek_component_1_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_2_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_3_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_4_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_5_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_6_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_7_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_8_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_9_lrg.jpg