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Quality is more than just inspection of your finished parts….It’s a process that starts the day we receive your drawings.

Quality processes at every level are constantly monitored and improved to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Quality Control Processes

  • Internal Audits
  • External Audits
  • First Article Inspections
  • Final Inspections
  • Calibration Records
  • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)
  • Quality Metrics
  • Supplier Management

The metal components we fabricate are used in a variety of products. Below are examples of our customers finished products.

images/cytek_component_1_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_2_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_3_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_4_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_5_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_6_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_7_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_8_lrg.jpg images/cytek_component_9_lrg.jpg